Is it safe to take my own ear impressions?

Yes. Unlike an impression made by an audiologist, our earbuds only sit in the outer part of the ear. That part that you can touch with your little finger and the outer opening of your ear canal –  the part you can see with your naked eye. Click here for more on this.

Safe Listening Guidelines click here.

If you play music (or any sound) at a high volume for a long period of time, it will damage your hearing. You need to exercise common sense. For the science, click here.

What Kind of Earphones Can Be Retrofitted?

Please click here see the photos of what works and what doesn’t.   


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Stage 1: How to Attach the Adaptor.

The adaptor makes it possible to add the mouldable putty without blocking off the path for the sound to travel from the drivers in the earphones to the inner ear.


Stage 2: Forming the Cone of Putty to Put in Your Ear

This video shows how to use the putty to form a cone of malleable material that you will put in your ear, with the embedded earphone, and it will take the shape of your ear and create a custom made earbud – the material sets hard after a short while, creating a permanent impression of your ear.

Stage 3: What They Look Like?

This video shows what a Retrofit Your Earphones Moulded Earbud Looks Like.


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