Bring your earphones to life with our mouldable earbuds.

You will experience a much better quality of sound from your earphones by embedding them in earbuds moulded to the exact shape of your ears.

Safe and simple, and you can do it all at home.

We supply kits with a special adaptor and mouldable impression material that takes the shape of your ears. You embed your earbud in the impression material and not only does this make your earphones sound so much better, it also stops them from falling out all the time!

Earphones as we know them are going to become a thing of the past. This is the future of listening to music.

We make it possible for you to customise your earphones at a very affordable price. We also offer mid-price customised earbuds through our sister company Husky Headphones. It is worth noting there are other outstanding products available on the market at a much higher price. We hope you will try our products first and become addicted to the superior sound of custom-fitted embedded earphones – without spending a small fortune.

Retrofit Your Earphones

Retrofit Your Earphones 

Retrofit Your Earphones

“I just got my kit yesterday and found it really easy to put the adaptor on my earphones, add the putty and mould it to my ears. I tried them this morning for the first time. It is amazing how this tweak has made my earphones sound so much better!”


ret·ro·fit /ˌretrōˈfit/

An act of adding a component or accessory to something that did not have it when manufactured.


How Does It Work?

We send you a kit to make your own customised earphones at home. You take your normal earphones and embed them into mouldable* impression material. You then push this into your ears and you end up with earbuds that fit your ears perfectly and sound so much better than earphones on their own. This is the future of listening to music with earphones.

*The mouldable material becomes firm after 30 minutes and sets hard after 24 hours.



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